Bolero jackets are becoming the apple of the eye of contemporary women. Thanks to their soft and lightweight fabric, enticing colors, and versatile use. This is the reason bolero for women enjoys a great market. 

What is a Bolero?

Well, a bolero is a short jacket or a cropped jacket, open from the front. Some people also call them cropped shrugs and wear them on dresses, tube tops, and other kinds of evening wear. The design of bolero jackets first took inspiration from the garb (a stiff, short, and sleeveless jacket) that is worn by the toreadors during Spanish bullfighting. As these are sleeveless, bolero leaves the shoulders bare and gives the toreador the desired flexibility. 

Bolero can be worn by both men and women and can be styled with other clothing as per the occasion. Many clothing suppliers in USA house a wide collection of boleros as these are so much trendy among both genders. However, the bolero is often confused with shrugs, but in reality, both clothes are different.

While shrugs are usually made of knit or crochet, boleros are crafted in chiffon, silk, fur, and other delicate materials. Shrugs have mid-length to long sleeves, but boleros typically go sleeveless. Lastly, shrugs are primarily counted as casual clothing, but boleros are formal or semiformal kinds of clothing.

Now that we know what are boleros, it is time to quickly look at the 4 most amazing ways to style them and make a statement. 

4 Amazing Ways To Wear Bolero For Women

A bolero for women can come in different materials. With each kind of bolero, the tradition to style it changes. Let us look at some most common and stylish ways to do it.

  • For a Casual Look
  • Although boleros are worn in semi-formal and formal outfits, you can still create a casual look using them. Now, if the bolero can be worn casually or not, depends on its length and cut. If made from cotton, some boleros can even be worn as a casual top. Besides, you can wear it over a printed dress, crop top, t-shirt, and other casual outfits.

  • Blend Bolero & Shrug 
  • If this sounds impossible, let us tell you, it is not. You can buy a bolero for women that has long sleeves and gives a more casual appearance than others. There even are bolero sweaters, also called shrug-style sweaters or crop cardigans, that you can opt for winter.

  • If It's a Wedding Look
  • If it is about wearing a bolero over a wedding dress, go for a satin bolero. It will work as a great lightweight jacket that’ll cover your arms and make the entire look complete. Boleros that are more formal in look can opt for here.

  • Fun With Fur Bolero
  • With evening gowns or formal dresses, you can choose to wear fur boleros. These boleros are made of faux fabric and work like a jacket on the go. 

    Final Thoughts

    So these were a few amazing ways to style your bolero for different occasions and over multiple outfits. To find the best and the most contemporary boleros for women, explore Fashque Designs today. We are among the leading women's clothing wholesale suppliers, housing a wide collection of contemporary styles, colors, prints, and outfits for today’s women. Visit our website to know more.